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Pledging Sigma Chi could be the best decision you make during your college years. The opportunities available through the Sigma Chi chapter are unlike any other on the campus at Florida Atlantic University. Benefits you can receive by joining Sigma Chi include:

Lifelong Friendships

The brotherhood in Sigma Chi is unparalleled in any other fraternity. Sigma Chi is more than just a four year program that concludes with college graduation. The Sigma Chi experience is one of lifelong commitment to both the ideals and the brothers of the Fraternity. The profound and noble ideals which encompass our Ritual form the common bond between our brothers. These bonds are enhanced because our brothers possess diverse temperaments, talents and convictions. 

In Sigma Chi you will find brothers who, throughout your life, will share in your joys and success and provide strong arms of support when they are needed most. Because of the nature of our Ritual, however, those bonds are stronger and enduring – more than just the culmination of shared experiences within a social organization. Sigma Chi does not aspire to replace relationships with family or friends outside the Fraternity. Indeed, friendships formed through Sigma Chi will complement these existing relationships with bonds and experiences that would not exist outside the Fraternal experience.

Development of Character

Sigma Chi endeavors to pledge men of good character, and through its educational programs, including pledgeship and post initiation training, hastens their development into high-minded men and gentlemen. The ideals and teachings that Sigma Chi expresses in its public writings and secret Ritual are based upon time-honored values of civilized society. Sigma Chi serves as a guide, inspiration, and constant reminder for its brothers as they strive to uphold those ideals.


Sigma Chi also aspires to teach its members the importance of responsibility and appropriate conduct at all times. This objective serves not only to improve the individual brother, but advances the reputation of the entire Fraternity. Sigma Chi requires that its members have the self control to conquer the temptation to make insensitive statements or perform irresponsible acts. Ultimately, Sigma Chi strives to develop high-mined gentlemen and responsible citizens with a strong moral foundation. 

Enhanced Learning Experience

Academics are the most important part of your academic career. However, Sigma Chi offers more than just academic assistance. Sigma Chi is an avenue for collegiate men to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning in order to gain knowledge, wisdom and character. This pursuit by our members has brought about a betterment of the individual beyond the classroom. Sigma Chi rewards these brothers through scholarships and grants. Sigma Chi awards nearly $2.5 million each year to worthy brothers. The chapter also provides scholarship opportunities for its members at a local level. 

The chapter also provides academic assistance and incentives. Our comprehensive scholarship program for our members includes study hours, tutoring assistance, scholarship opportunities, extra-curricular educational opportunities, access to university programs, and academic incentive programs.

Leadership Development

Sigma Chi is a self-governing organization and both active members and pledges can take advantage of leadership opportunities by being officers within the chapter. Leading such a large and diverse group of people is a significant educational experience. Sigma Chi also provides opportunities to hold leadership positions in organizations across campus. Many of these opportunities are enhanced by Greek membership or unavailable to non-Greeks. These opportunities are available in most chapters, but Sigma Chi goes further. 

Sigma Chi strives to cultivate values-based leaders. In our quest to be the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization, Sigma Chi goes further than any other fraternity in leadership development programming. Sigma Chi provides numerous programs and workshops on a local, regional, and international level. These programs, from Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (BLTW) to Horizons, are world class programs and are superior to any other in the Greek world and unavailable outside Sigma Chi.

Community Service

One aim of Sigma Chi is to instill in our members the value of selfless service to others. Sigma Chi has adopted Children’s Miracle Network and the Huntsman Cancer Institute as our suggested national beneficiaries. Our annual philanthropy, Derby Days, raises money for those organizations. We also raise money for local charities and do service projects within the community. When community members are looking for assistance, they turn to Sigma Chi. 

These efforts provide both needed service and uphold the idealistic aims of the fraternity, expand the individual pledge or brother’s perspective, and enhance the reputation of Sigma Chi.


In today’s world it has been said that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. To the extent this sentiment is true, as a Sigma Chi you immediately have an advantage. You will have a sacred bond honored by hundreds of thousands of men across the country and the world. Many brothers from Southeast have benefited professionally from this relationship.

The benefit of networking goes beyond just knowing someone to get hired or get a promotion, the alumni you meet and interact with as an undergraduate and throughout your life provide a unique opportunity for professional mentoring throughout your career.


Sigma Chi provides an opportunity for you to participate competitively in all intramural sports on campus. These include football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming and many more. We usually enter more than one team in each sport, so if you want to compete recreationally you will still have the opportunity. We play competitively and rank at the top in most sports.


The social aspect of fraternity life is probably the part that most people are familiar with. We don’t mean to understate it, but we think it is a given: we have a good time! Being a Sigma Chi has many social benefits. We participate in and host many social events such as Homecoming, Sweetheart’s Formal, semi-formals, dances, and barbeques. Whether it is a Formal or a road trip with some brothers, these events and activities offer you a good time and a great opportunity to meet people. Many social activities allow members to bring dates or are often held with another sorority.

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