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For Parents

This section is dedicated to parents who are interested in learning more about the interests of their son. We aim to answer many of your questions about joining a fraternity and supporting your son’s decision. 

Your son is leaving home to make new friends, prepare for a career and develop adult perspectives on responsible behavior. It is his time to learn, socialize and explore. He has many new freedoms. He sees no limits to what is possible…. and WE AGREE.

Grand Consul Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Your house is quieter now with your son at college. Although you are sorry to see him go, it is where you hoped he would be one day.

Yet, his leaving home is a critical test of his maturity and character:

– Will he make friends with “good” kids?
– Will he do well in classes?
– Will he drink and party or spend his time with those who do?
– Will he ignore your values?
– Will he use his college experience to prepare for a satisfying, responsible and happy life and/or career?


We know your concerns. We’d like you to know that he can have a home away from your home at Sigma Chi Fraternity.


Sigma Chi has chapters on over 240 campuses in the United States and Canada. While your house is quiet now, our chapter houses are noisy and hectic, as our nearly 15,000 college undergraduate members begin their school year. They aren’t facing the challenge of college and the transition to adult life alone. They are living and learning with the sons of other families who are facing the same opportunities, choices and decisions.


Together, Sigma Chi brothers share experiences, learn to tolerate differences, experience the power of unity, strengthen their values, learn responsible personal conduct, enjoy success , and develop their leadership skills — all the while, making lifelong friends and lasting memories.

Our fraternal ideals assist brothers to become men of character, caring husbands, compassionate fathers and community leaders.


That’s what the Sigma Chi family of 245,600 living Fraternity brothers is dedicated to doing. It was what the Fraternity’s seven founders envisioned 162 years ago and what we are attempting to do every day — producing a family of exceptional brothers, bound not by blood, but by a set of high ideals and principles.

There is more to learn about our heritage, ideals and programs. Please read why join a fraternity & frequently asked questions sections on this website for answers to concerns about fraternity life and Sigma Chi’s family.

We want an opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about the Sigma Chi experience. Contact us at our International Headquarters in Evanston, IL at 847-869-3655, or for more information, visit .


Mike Ursillo,
Sigma Chi 69th President

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